Green Universe Group is founded by Sameer Znad Darwash
Prof. C. Eng Int.Leader Management
Member of PMI- USA
Member of ACI-USA
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The Green Universe Group Services is the primary body in the world concerned with the promotion, practice and development of the range of methodologies and techniques for the improvement of productivity and quality, known collectively as 'Management Services' and training of individuals and companies. This embraces the disciplines of industrial engineering, work study, organisation and methods, systems analysis, and a wide range of management information and control techniques as illustrated in our Body of Knowledge.

The Group acts as the qualifying body for the Management Services profession in the world, focussing developments in practice and knowledge and acting as a forum for information exchange. This in turn enables our members who work under a variety of job titles across the whole of the world economy, to make a more effective contribution to the well-being of their own organisation and to different nation's economy as a whole.
Services Providing
Project Management
Risk Assessment
Green Buildings Proposals
Renewable Energy
Executive Assessments
Human Resources/ Training & Evaluation
Strategic Planning and Developments
Financial Assessments
Organizational Behavior / Evaluation
Technical Management
Potential Planning Leadership
Industrial /Retail/Residence/
Hospitals / Hospitality /Low
Cost Houses Projects Feasibility Studies
The Cost Effective Analysis
Water Management Preventive and Corrective Actions
QA/QC Mangement
HSE Managemnt
Water Proofing and Concrete Repair Solutions
Investments Proposals
Training courses-
3 days course in Leadership or risk assessment with professional certificate min 20 persons per course.
Preparation for PMP exam.
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